Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sneak Peak!

Here's a rough of the cover design I did for issue #2 of my comic Trip-a-long Turtle. In this episode General George Armstrong Rooster tries to set up a vending booth along the Little Big Horn river. He sets up his shop right next to a shop run by Sitting Bull and the two but heads over who has the right to be there. When the violence from the dispute spreads into town, it's up to the sheriff (Trip) to resolve the dispute and bring peace to both sides...

Pencil rough:

Color roughs:

Finished Cover: So, for the finished cover I chose the light Blue /orange combo for the background. I also decided to make Sitting Bull and General Rooster silhouette's instead of their earlier full color versions. It helps to push them back from Trip and gives the cover a very clean, graphic feel.


Tony DiStefano said...

Good choice for the cover.the silhouette really pulls it all together.But being a big fan of pencil art my favorite is the drawing.And I must say Scott your drafting just keeps getting better.
Stong appealing design and pose.
Please save me a copy and one of Shadows of evil.Excellent design and color style on that one.

Scott Cooper said...

Thanks for the compliment Tony! I'll have two signed copies waiting for you.