Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween


Tony DiStefano said...

This is histerical. Love that lettering.Great abbott.Suggestion,
Erase costellos mouth and make it smaller and a bit closer to his nose.
Look at chuck jones elmer fud.Costello had that kind of mouth.
Baby face.

Scott said...

Good suggestion, thanks! I knew you would be into this one.

Tony DiStefano said...

Didnt Mr. Talbot tell you to take off that mask Chick?
Now your talking! Nice color and a great sihouette in the bg.
Oh Draculas only a rumor.
I dont care if hes the landlord ,I saw a hand.....

Jay Amabile said...

Phenomenal Scott! I love it! I met you at NYCC on Friday, bought a couple of Sopranos prints. Going to mention you in my recap. Love your work!